Microsoft Releases Intune PC Cloud Management Tool

Microsoft announced that the final version is now officially available for purchase or a free 30-day trial in 35 countries. They also stated that MDOP will soon be released: “As you may recall, any Windows Intune customer can add MDOP for an additional dollar per seat per month. Two weeks ago, we released MDOP 2011 and in the next release of MDOP, we’ll have new management and security features.”

Intune is available for purchase on Microsoft’s Web site for $11 per PC, per month. Volume pricing is an option for those buying more than 250 licenses

What Can You Do With Cloud Power?

According to Microsoft, Redmond, Washington
— Here’s what: Take Advantage of the Most Comprehensive Solutions
On Earth and Make your business capable of doing far more with far less.

Spark innovation with a platform that lets you
develop and deliver applications easily and create and
host applications that scale up or down in a heartbeat to meet the demands
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November 3, 2010 11:53 a.m. EDT Tags: Cloud, Microsoft


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